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On September 14, 2019 at 2:04am, at Texas A&M College Station, Carly Beatty was walking home from a friend’s house with her two college roommates, Morgan and Ari.  Out of nowhere, a 17 year old intoxicated driver, high on opiates, swerved off the street and hit Carly as she was walking on the sidewalk head on. 


Carly was airlifted to a hospital in Houston where she has already had multiple surgeries in efforts to save her life.  Family and friends are praying for her and God has responded with miracle after miracle, not only getting her safely to the hospital in Houston, but also providing her with speedy medical care.  With every breath, she is fighting as hard as she can.  Though it is touch and go, we are staying optimistic that she will make it through these life-saving surgeries. 


Carly is a kind, generous person, always ready to laugh.  She loves her dog Honey, her French press coffee, and her family and friends.  Her goal in life since she could remember is to be a veterinarian, to help heal and take care of the animals she loves.  She and her family are from Frisco, Texas, and she went to Centennial High School and was active in the youth group at Centennial Church and in Young Life.  She is a sophomore at A&M and is a sister in Kappa Delta sorority, as well as a staff member for a Freshman Leadership Organization called FLOC. 


Given her extensive injuries, this is going to be a long road.  It is likely that she will have many more surgeries to come.  It has been a very costly journey already, and it hasn’t been even 72 hours yet.  The hospital stay will be months long, the rehab longer, and this event will affect her throughout her lifetime.  With all that her family is going through, we could like to help lessen the huge financial impact.


We are asking for donations to aid in providing for what has already occurred, and what is to come.  Most importantly, we ask for prayers and support for Carly and her family, to give them strength through this difficult time. 

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