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The Worst Day of My Life (Part one)

As I sit here in the midst of a panic attack, and tears. I wonder, do you know she had it all figured out? She graduated from high school with honors, was early acceptance to Texas A&M in College Station, had a 3.9 GPA at the end of her freshman year. She was working hard towards her dream of getting accepted into Texas A&M Veterinary school. She wanted to save animals and give them a chance to experience love, she wanted to help stop animal cruelty, protect those without a voice, and change the world. She had a family that loved her more than could be explained. She had plans, goals, and dreams that she was accomplishing one by one. There was nothing that was going to stop her, except you! You stole all that away from her and took one of the most beautiful souls from this earth.

You, with no regard for her life, made a selfish decision and stole it all from her and all of us that loved her! I wish you could feel this kind of pain and sadness. It’s not the kind of sadness where you cry every second of the day, it’s more of a sadness that consumes you. It leaves your heart aching, your stomach empty, your soul longing, you feel weak and exhausted physically and mentally. You can’t sleep because the sadness is in your thoughts and nightmares. It consumes you and there is no escape from it. The tears come with no warning, a song, a smell, a picture, a memory, or a thought that she should be here with us.

A few days before you killed her, she told me that she was happier than she has ever been. She felt like it was going to be her best year ever. She was so excited about the things she was planning. We talked and texted about getting her sorority little sister, about the great ideas she had for the year as the social chair in FLOC, about her courses and how much she was excited to learn. Then all of the sudden….she was gone. She will never have the chance to make her dreams come true, to make more memories, to get married and have children. You took all that from her and us. You robbed us from our daughter, the future we planned together and our ability to share her accomplishments. You took the life of a beautiful, sweet, young woman. She touched so many lives with her infectious smile, kind personality, and beautiful blue eyes. Her entire face lite up when she smiled. She was goofy, funny, sassy, smart, motivated, disciplined, and beautiful. You with one decision took our joy and sunshine away that night, not just for me, but for so many others as well.

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